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Nick Teti; I'm a production sound man, mixer & recordist providing my freelance services, as well referring other audio people for camera crews across Colorado state (USA, United States America). Our audio tech expertise includes the common nicknames; from a sound guy, woman, or person as well. Jump to the synonyms and their definitions below for more information. The quick simple information what we do is assist a camera person, video engineer or a camera crew with the equipment, expertise and tasks of mixing, as well recording sound directly to camera, a digital file, (Mp3 or Wav most common), or another medium for broadcast or other media. My current motion picture film includes mixing and recording to a time code referenced digital video files. I can also send audio to any 35mm or cinema style camera as long as it has an audio input, including RED, Alexa, DSLR, or other XLR input based camera.

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Aside from the state I cover the major metro areas in minutes including Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Westminster, Broomfield, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Centennial, Englewood, Littleton, Sheridan, Lone Tree, Parker, Castle Rock, Lakewood, Golden, Thornton, Northglenn, Greenwood Village, Commerce City, Glendale, Federal Heights and the Rocky Mountains. I can also refer other audio people or myself to your crew in other Colorado locations.

Why hire a local Colorado freelancer for your production?

Hire a Colorado native whom knows the state. I know much of CO USA by previous experience and have also traveled globally as a sound person for clients whom have 100% confidence in my abilities. I can also provide national references and refer other production sound mixers in other areas of Colorado if I'm already working. If you need a sound man or a woman for video or film, I'll refer the right person whom is qualified with prior experience particular to your specific type of production. I also provide audio editing, sound effects, mastering, mixing & recording, among other services in post production as well.

Here are some links for your reference on the gear I use to the manufacturer's website's

+ I use other popular audio mixing & recording equipment for production. Jump here to my sound equipment page. Please visit Trew Audio if you wish to buy professional sound gear for video or film production: http://www.trewaudio.com

There are several synonyms for sound people so if you're searching for a particular expertise, here are my expertises & resources I can refer to you.

- Production sound mixer

- An audio woman or guy or sound guy or woman

- A audio or sound or engineer

- A boom operator

- Audio op(erator)

- Sound or Audio Engineer

En Espanol - Yo hablo Espanol tambien. Yo soy un grabador de sonido, también llamada de una persona, o un hombre de sonido o de la persona de audio, o el sonido hombre, audio y sonida technico. Yo vivo en Colorado, Los Estados Unidos USA, United States America. All source code & text syntax Nicholas Teti III, Mister Photon Media LLC


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